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  1. Use a very large round bottom bowl to make blending easier
  2. Tear or cut Romaine Lettuce into bite size pieces and set aside
  3. Add anchovies to bowl and mush using 2 forks
  4. Add egg yolk - blend
  5. Add garlic - blend
  6. Add Dry Mustard - blend
  7. Add Worcestershire Sauce - blend
  8. Add Juice from ½ lemon - blend
  9. Add Red Wine Vinegar - blend
  10. **Now for the tricky part**
  11. Drizzle olive oil around sides of bowl while vigorously
  12. blending with a fork until all ingredients emulsify
  13. Add Romano - blend vigorously until dressing thickens
  14. When ready to serve - add lettuce and toss
  15. Top with croutons and Garnish with Romano Cheese