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Servings: 5



  1. Drain liquid from tuna cans and place tuna in a large bowl
  2. Break up into fine pieces (or chunky if you prefer)
  3. Add mayonnaise (do not mix in yet)
  4. Add all seasonings on top of mayonnaise - they tend to blend better instead of sticking to pieces of tuna.
  5. Be sparing on the "to taste" spices and add in after blending ~ You can always add not subtract!
  6. consistency - some people like it dryer than others (like my daughter)
  7. Scoop on washed lettuce leaves and serve


I know... crazy to include a tuna fish recipe

but I have had some ugly sammiches in my day!

This is a very savory tuna salad - great on celery sticks and crackers.

Below is a sweeter tuna salad choice but I would use a saltier cracker.

Eliminate adobe, onion powder, Thyme oil and fennel seeds.

Add chopped celery, chopped onion, cracked pepper and a short shake of ground Thyme.

This creates a lighter and sweeter tuna salad.