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5 Scientific Happiness Boosters

5 Scientific Happiness Boosters

Take a Brisk Walk

Exercise or any type of activity that can raise your heartbeat is an amazing tool for wellness. When we create movement and endure for just 15 minutes, our circulation increases, we breathe more oxygen into our lungs, and we release hormones that create a feeling of happiness that can last for hours. Our energy is up, our motivation is increased therefore promoting focus and accomplishment.

Walk the dog or take a walk with a friend or loved one and spend that time connecting. If no one is around, take this time for yourself to clear your mind, listen to music or listen to that podcast you didn’t have time for. Some of the best ideas can come from just a 15-minute walk.

Get a good night’s Sleep

I know, easier said than done. But the benefits of a good night’s sleep are worth the effort. Our physical body get that chance to rest and regenerate. This strengthens our immune system enabling us to battle the toxins we encounter every day. When our minds rest, we get to put struggles and triggers in their place and create a reset – a new starting place to face the old and new challenges of the new day. A good night’s sleep is known to reduce stress and anxiety which, when built up, can release harmful hormones like cortisol that, if chronic, attacks our immune system, making us vulnerable to disease.

Make sure not to work until you pass out. Set boundaries. One hour before sleep time, turn off social media, phone, and TV. This is a good time to put laundry away, make a cup of herbal tea or warm water with lemon. Get ready for sleep, pull out a book or do your journal writing. All this should take 45 min to an hour. Your mind will have been acclimated to night-time light, you will have had accomplishments (even if it means just brushing your teeth) and your eyes and mind will be ready to relax and shut down.


Have a Game Night

Never underestimate the power of a good time! Laughing and sharing with friends and family is an emotional connection that increases our Happy hormones. Whether it is a game of cards with the two of you or a board game with the kids, connection with people other than work can be incredibly impactful with our self-esteem and sense of belonging. Make sure to keep it light and have fun. This is not the time to have that serious conversation or work out an issue. There is a time and place for those connections of resolutions, and they have value. Fun times have value too. Even if there is a conflict that needs to be worked out with those you are having fun with – put it aside. This can also have a positive effect and influence that outcome with the stress and anxiety starting lower because you have relaxed and enjoyed their company. Keep it separate – a time to play and a time to work and a time for resolutions.


There is always something to be said for giving back. It puts us in touch with gratitude – things we are grateful for and are lucky to have in our lives. It is normal to start taking things for granted. It takes a special effort to stop and appreciate what we have – no matter how much or how little. Giving something back to those in need is a Big Thank you to something bigger than us. Science has shown that people who practice gratitude, who give back to others have less anxiety, less stress and are happier with their situations – even if their circumstances are less than perfect.

Your community school system is always looking for a helping hand – and it could be for a single event, or you can be a helping hand for the organization. A local religious organization may also need a helping hand – whether you belong or not. Meeting other volunteers is also a moral booster. The thanks and appreciate create that feel good relief we occasionally need.

Eat Lunch outside

Simple but effective. Sunlight has always been known to increase our mood and reduce stresses. We can suck up that vitamin D and warm our body – even in the winters! Just a 20-sun break during the day can make a profound difference in our daily demeanor. Whether you are brown bagging it or having a take-out break, pick a nice spot and enjoy the outdoors.