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3 Hacks to Start Your Weight loss Journey

3 Hacks To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

It All Starts With ME

Making changes in my life was hard. Sure, I could incorporate a good thing or two. Even three or four new activities – but were they a habit?

Not really. Some things lasted more than others (especially if I liked them) but in general, when the week was done, and I was tired – my body and mind went on auto-pilot and I leaned on what was familiar. It was easy.

It took energy and intention to remember new things and I was tired at the end of the day.

No one can do these things for me. I can’t hire someone to take my vitamins for me or take a walk for me. I had to do this on my own.

Trying new foods or activities that are good for my health and well-being are easy, I LOVE new recipes and something fun and different to try. Maintaining these new things as habits – not so much. So, I searched for tricks and hacks to remind me and just make it easier to remember until I didn’t have to REMEMBER anymore – but it became a part of my lifestyle.

Here are some hacks and tricks that helped me incorporate and KEEP these new lifestyles in my daily routine:

  • Habit-Stacking

This was the most effective trick I learned! I would add something new I wanted to incorporate into my life with something that already was a habit. Every morning I wake up – I take some water that I have near my bed. I go to the bathroom. I make coffee. While coffee is brewing (about 4 min) I straighten up whatever was left over in the kitchen or take the garbage out. I would listen to my podcast every morning before lunch. These were already my daily habits.

So, my habit stacking went like this.

  • I stretched my arms and legs before I got out of bed every morning.
  • I kept my probiotic on my nightstand and took it when I sipped my water every morning.
  • I bought high quality earbuds and walked while I listened to my podcast.

These were 3 new habits I can do everyday without even thinking or remembering.

  • Meal Prep

I found that if things were already prepared or partly prepared, I was more likely to reach for them than my not so good food choices.

  • I made overnight oatmeal
  • I kept snack sized guacamole in the fridge (organic of course)
  • Always had cut up celery and carrots
  • Always had hard boiled eggs in the fridge
  • Always had washed and cut up salad in an air tight baggie for a quick salad.

My breakfasts and lunches became no-brainers! Once these became habits, I was able to switch it up a bit and add a better, more diverse variety of good clean foods.

  • Play on my Competitive Nature

I know I am competitive; I always try to beat my last score on a game or walk just a few minutes more to beat my last step count. So, I created events for myself to make chores more “fun”

In this case, I wanted to exercise more but just never found the time to spare to actually do it. But I know that consistent, bite-size improvements are extremely valuable. So, I made up some little things to do.

When I am watching a show on TV or reading – I choose a movement. So, on commercials I would have a 2lb weight and lift my arm up until the commercial was over – and switch arms each commercial. Or – do leg lifts, etc. The competitive part – how many can I do? Can I beat the last commercial?