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Lavender Ricotta & Fruit Crostini

Prep Time 25 mins Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 25



  1. Slice French bread in ¼" slices on an angle

  2. Brush each slice liberally with olive oil

  3. Sparingly - salt each slice

  4. Layer oil side up on cookie sheet and bake until golden brown (approx 10 min)

  5. In a bowl, beat Ricotta cheese with a fork vigorously until smooth (do not use a food processor - may use a mixer with a paddle for best results)

  6. Add 1-2 T honey, almond extract, vanilla extract and lavender essential oil and mix gently with a fork

  7. Adjust to taste

  8. Place a dollop of cheese on cooled crostini

  9. Place one each of fruit on each crostini

  10. Top off with a drizzle of honey


This is a Fancy Dancy appetizer that will impress even the most critical "Foodies" I have made this for special occasions and for business dinners. It was a talked about hit every time. Have your recipe handy because you will be asked for it!