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Do Affirmations Really Work

Do Affirmations Really Work


Maybe not how you think they are going to work – but scientific research supports this in so many ways.

So, saying to yourself over and over some good thoughts and wishes doesn’t make these things come true. However, reframing our thoughts to focus on positive beliefs – and I truly mean “beliefs”, has a profound effect on our physical health, mental wellness and yes- OUTCOME!

One client was brilliant in his metaphoric explanation. He aligned affirmations with “the haircut”. Sounds weird right – I thought so too. But hear this out.

So you get your hair cut or colored (as most of us women do LOL) When we leave the salon or the bathroom if we do it ourselves – we go out feeling confident and pretty. But what we look at all day is other haircuts, hairstyles and coloring. We notice some women who need that touch up (but not us – we just did it. No one is noticing that we need one) We can’t help it, it is at the forefront of our minds so we see it – we see it all.

Now, in all fairness, it only lasts a day or so and it goes away. We don’t notice it too much anymore. Until our roots are showing – and there it is again. We see it all.

There is good and bad around us all the time. What we notice has a direct effect on how we feel, see things and frames our perspective. When we are in a good mood, we give hope and tolerance to things that are not good. When we are in a bad mood- we judge and can feel helpless and sometimes even hopeless. And this frames our perspective on people and life in general.

Positive affirmations do not change what is – it shapes what we see and how we view situations, people and life. It keeps us on the positive side and increases tolerance and hope – which has a profound impact on our outcomes.

So keep those affirmations handy. So you can pass them and keep them in your line of sight – so when things start going south, and you are struggling with a negative perspective – they are there to remind you that patience and tolerance can yield a better outcome. Keep in mind that your positive outlook is contagious and can influence every life you touch. Be the Positive in your life and others <3