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Shrimp & Orzo



  1. Bring Chicken stock and water to a boil in large pot

  2. Add Orzo and bring back up to a boil

  3. Reduce to medium and cook til tender yet firm (about 8 minutes)

  4. While Orzo is cooking - shell and devein shrimp completely.

  5. In large heavy fry pan melt butter on med high

  6. Add shrimp before butter browns - and toss - coating all shrimp

  7. Reduce to medium and cook until pink - about 2 min first side and 1 minute second side

  8. Remove from heat, add white wine and let steam off

  9. Drain Orzo (reserving some liquid) and place in large serving bowl

  10. In a separate bowl cut avocado into ¼" pieces and add to Orzo

  11. Add Zest of one lemon and half squeezed lemon
  12. Add shrimp and all drippings to Orzo
  13. Stir gently and serve with cheese