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Chicken Soup



  1. Place all ingredients in large pot except water Add additional water to cover chicken about 2 inches Bring water to a boil - reduce to a hard simmer - uncovered Simmer for 2 hours until chicken is cooked Remove chicken from pot using a slotted spoon or strainer - putting chicken in separate bowl Cover chicken while cooling Strain soup removing any bones and fat When chicken is warm enough to touch - break apart all dark meat and put into soup. Set aside White meat for another use


Chicken soup is synonymous with home
and love. Books refer to it when referring to a safe place. The
basic soup is the same. Add to it your family's favorite starch
and vegetables, rice, pasta, carrots and/or celery. Or just
broth and chicken. Either way, your family will absolutely
make this for generations. Bon Apetit!